woah what the fuck does anybody still remember me tho wtf



hello friends i got some albums for my birthday that i already have and i also recently hit 2000 followers (omg thank u) so i am doing a giveaway (sorry for the bad pic lol

the front bottoms’ self titled album
to the beat of a dead horse - touche amore
floral green - title fight
wildlife - la dispute
somewhere at the bottom of the river between vega and altair - la dispute
the greatest generation - the wonder years
paramore’s self titled album
separation - balance and composure
deja entendu - brand new
mbf (i’ll check) cuz this is like a thanks for my followers like jesus i could have sold these but ily guys
can reblog as much as you want
likes count
i’ll ship anywhere + i’ll pay for shipping
i’ll chose the winner on a random generator
winner has 48 hours to reply and must have their ask open
i’ll post the winner + get them to conform it
the winner must be okay with giving me their information (home address)
ends july 1st 12 am GMT
if i’ve missed any details then send me an ask c:
please don’t delete the text!
good luck!!!

since i’m a very obsessed fan of ash pls somebody explain whats been happening with his marriage and everything bc i hear he’s not allowed near summer? um wot

somebody clear this up pls thanks xxx

um hi im back



My trusty Vivitar